Mass Shootings and Gun Culture

In 2017, more people have been wounded in mass shootings then any year on record. Adding to this, according to, 1121 people have been killed by police this year.  Of that amount, 969 are from shootings. That makes 1,534 people killed in either mass shootings or by state violence this year. About four to five people a day. Compared to mass shooters, police officers are far more dangerous. They're the mass shooters paid by the state.


Some Thoughts on the Anthropocene

Anthropocene. Plastic as fecal. Capitalism's soothsayers. Ocean death. Cancer Air. Methane acceleration. Earth is dying and nobody gives a shit. People maintain that climate change can be stopped. "It's getting better," they insist. "Soon we'll have electric cars, batteries that last for ages, clean wind power and biodegradable plastic!" Watch their enthusiasm. They really do …

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Something from Nothing

Procrastination. Idealism. Nihilism.   I recently listened to this talk on procrastination. The speaker, Tim Pychyl, has a book on the topic with pretty high reviews. Two things stood out to me. First, his point about death and bereavement. Second, procrastination as a habit of negative reinforcement. This helped me formulate some ideas I've had for …

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